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Plantation shutters are a low maintenance, classy, alternative covering for windows and doors, with significant benefits over curtains and what are traditionally known as blinds.
Plantation shutters are no longer used just to increase the privacy in a home, improve security or to filter sunlight into, or out of, a room; these high quality shutters are now in high demand as a design statement by interior designers and people looking to add style and value to their home, or another property.

plantation shutters
plantation shutters Melbourne
plantation shutter
plantation shutter Melbourne


  • Easy Maintenance Unlike other window treatment options that often require maintenance including the need for frequent washing, which can require them to be removed and could potentially require them to be professionally cleaned, plantation shutters require little maintenance. Besides requiring periodic dusting, these window treatments will keep their pristine look without the need for any effort on your part.
  • Energy Efficiency The fact is that plantation shutters provide superior insulation than other windows coverings. This means that they will be able to better keep the heat out in the summer, and they will be able to keep the cold out in the winter. This is particularly beneficial for Fullerton homeowners, due to the fact that the intense heat of summer has already arrived. Replacing your current window treatments with plantation shutters will help to go a long way in minimizing your energy costs this summer.
  • Beauty Once you see how plantation shutters transform a room, it’s difficult not to fall under their spell. Classic and elegant, they are compatible with a wide range of design styles. They help create a clean aesthetic appeal in any space where they are installed and bring out the best design features of any room. Our interior plantation shutters come in neutral colors that are meant to complete and complement traditional or modern design trends.
  • Plantation shutters can be constructed with either a simple tier or a double tier. Single tier shutters have one (or more) panel from top to bottom, while double tier shutters have a set of panels for the top half of the window. The advantage here is that the top and bottom sections can be fitted or opened independently of each other. Read more at